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Recent Events

Featuring E. Calder Powel

The STEM to STEAM movement has been taking root over the past several years and is surging forward as a positive mode of action to truly meet the needs of a 21st century economy.   STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.


E. Calder Powel presented on the topic of The Intersection of Math & Art.  In this unique talk, viewers learned how the young sculptor blends math principles and aesthetic ideas to create one-of-a-kind sculpture.
                               -GFS 2016 STEAM FLYER

Grounds For Sculpture: ART SALON
Featuring E. Calder Powel

Meet one of the field’s rising stars! Eva Calder Powel, creator of Perception Planes and Schatz’s Spaceship, draws mathematics into the artistic realm; her ceramic-based sculpture series lines Fairgrounds Road leading to Rat’s Restaurant, and is highly calculated and unassumingly iconic in form. Dine with the artist to learn her groundbreaking approaches and discuss contemporary sculpture’s trajectory. From Lambertville, Powel is indicative of the artistic talent that thrives in the GFS community and region!
                               -GFS 2014 Event Guide

Art Salons

A relaxed and stimulating opportunity
to share ideas and fine food at Rat's
Restaurant with GFS 
artists and your
fellow patrons of the arts.

Grounds For Sculpture

​May 2013

Nestled in the heart of central New Jersey lies Grounds For Sculpture, a 42 acre hold where art and nature are always at play. At its core are more than 270 sculptures by renowned and emerging contemporary artists, each thoughtfully positioned on meticulously landscaped parkland full of thousands of exotic trees and flowers. It is a feast for the senses.  The works, many of them monumental, join the enchanting works of GFS's visionary founder Seward Johnson as well as many others by the finest up and coming artists of our time.

Views on Art: In Collaboration with Grounds For Sculpture

​October 2012

Views on Art provides a forum for vibrant voices within the arts community at Grounds For Sculpture and beyond. The blog, explores the national and international arts scene, and is coordinated by Christina Ely, former Curator of Education at Grounds For Sculpture. It includes contributions from the Grounds For Sculpture staff and volunteers, as well as from the arts community at large.  Schatz's Spaceship, the Lover's Knot and the Mobius Strip are in Grounds For Sculpture's Sculpture Along the Way-a bread crumbs of sculptures leading to the park.

Sarasota Season of Sculpture

June 2010

Sarasota Season of Sculpture is a non-profit group responsible for organizing and producing an International Invitational Exhibition of large-scale sculptures along Sarasota’s Bayfront. Their mission is “to accessibly display and encourage quality public art in order to enrich the cultural and educational experience of residents and visitors.”  Schatz's Spaceship was featured in Season V: Organic Lyricism.

Certified Organic
October 2009

Brenda Terris, executive director of Sarasota Season of Sculpture, watches as "Oloid," by sculptor E. Calder Powel, is installed on the bayfront.

“Not to take away from previous seasons,” says Terris, “but this season is different. The sculptures are more subdued. The curation process, the whole feel is different. It’s not the bright-colored kitschy stuff people are used to seeing. The shock factor has been replaced with a quality factor.”

The Sculpture Foundation

The Sculpture Foundation, Inc. is a private operating foundation dedicated to providing exhibitions and contemporary landmark public artworks for a broad range of communities including urban centers, small towns, regional parks and cultural institutions.  The Sculpture Foundation's collection includes the work of more than 150 artists, and currently valued at over 37 million dollars US, is on public display in dozens of urban centers, small towns, regional parks and cultural institutions worldwide, as well as, Grounds For Sculpture, in Hamilton, NJ.

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